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Twitter is profound, and it unquestionably furthers peace because it promotes the interests of the many against the interests of the few. He suspected the Council members knew more and that this night of relative peace was the last he would know for a very long time. City of Salim" or "City of Peace," many years before the Israelites under Joshua entered Canaan. Three justices of the peace are elected from each ward for a term of two years. Judging by the calmly moderate and amicable tone in which the French Emperor spoke, Balashev was firmly persuaded that he wished for peace and intended to enter into negotiations. CK 1 692884 Rest in peace. Though a Protestant, he supported the government of Mary of Guise, showed himself violently anti-English, and led a raid into England, subsequently in 1559 meeting the English commissioners and signing articles for peace on the border. Though kept in the dark as to the Skierniewice arrangement, the Italian government soon discovered from the course of events that the triple alliance had practically lost its object, European peace having been assured without Italian co-operation. And through this, … Dubois was unscrupulous, but so were his contemporaries, and whatever vices he had, he gave France peace -after the disastrous wars of Louis XIV. Terms of peace were arranged, but at the last moment difficulties arose and the treaty was abandoned; and in October 1119 both emperor and anti-pope were excommunicated at a synod held at Reims. Peace is the need of the time. After speaking about the economic costs of war, the burden it places on the economy, and the toll this takes on the people, Eisenhower closed by describing the peace proposals he was offering Russia and China. For her, he replies, and her husband and son, and all the other decent people who want a chance to live in peace in the valley. He was excluded by name from the amnesty promised to the Hungarian rebels by the peace of Karlowitz (Jan. In times of peace it is kept under, but during war, or whenever the bands of civil order are loosened, it becomes a cause of anxiety and a source of danger. What does peace mean? I have no planet, half an army, no food or water for my people, and I must broker a peace deal. The peace of Crepy in September 1544 deprived him of this employment, but he had won a considerable reputation, and when Charles was preparing to attack the league of Schmalkalden, he took pains to win Albert's assistance. The concept of something more was as foreign to him as peace, and yet he wanted the image on the leaf to be real. 'Boyars,' I will say to them, 'I do not desire war, I desire the peace and welfare of all my subjects.'. You'll have some peace, at least until tomorrow morning. The assassin left him in peace, and he stayed awake the rest of the night, watching over her. She'd planned on Elise helping her escape to the west, where she could secure the Horsemen at the Peace Command Center. took a fearful revenge upon the vanquished; - and Bethlen, regarding a continuation of the war as unprofitable, concluded the peace of Nikolsburg (31st of December 1621), renouncing the royal title on condition that Ferdinand confirmed the peace of Vienna (which had granted full liberty of worship to the Protestants) and engaged to summon a general diet within six months. Her hands were by her side, turned out, tranquilly, as if to say, peace at last. yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Bush tells another bald-faced whopper, claims he has laid the 'foundation of peace '!. Macrinus was defeated at Nisibis and concluded a peace with Artabanus, in which he gave up all the Roman conquests, restored the booty, and paid a heavy contribution to the Parthians (Dio Cass. … How to connect 'peace' with other words to make correct English sentences.peace (n): freedom from war and violence, especially when people live and work together happily without disagreementsUse 'peace' in a sentence She was invited to join peace congress. Victor Emmanuel regretfully signed the peace preliminaries, adding, however, pour ce qui me concerne (which meant that he made no undertaking with regard to central Italy), and Cavour resigned office. We will avoid war because it is unprofitable; and while that is not a moral reason, any reason that brings peace is fine by me. I shall not be at peace till you promise me this. 2. How To Use peace In A Sentence? There was no feeling of nationality, but the people were prosperous, enjoyed profound peace and were placidly content with the existing order of things. So that's what I'm sorry for--human dignity, peace of mind, purity, and not the serfs' backs and foreheads, which, beat and shave as you may, always remain the same backs and foreheads. After all, you must understand that besides your pleasure there is such a thing as other people's happiness and peace, and that you are ruining a whole life for the sake of amusing yourself! Let me think in peace. Let him depart in peace. He was a nobleman, fond of peace and actuated by the consciousness of a great mission. They fail to work with each other in peace and harmony. xxiv.-xxvii., while his picture of the glory and peace of the new Zion and its temple is drawn from the great anonymous prophet who penned Isa. Promise you'll barter my freedom if Qatwali imprisons me on this peace mission. It gave her a little bit of peace, knowing she wasn't solely at the mercy of the outlaw. Many of our houses, both public and private, with their almost innumerable apartments, their huge halls and their cellars for the storage of wines and other munitions of peace, appear to be extravagantly large for their inhabitants. Their interest for the laity lies ' An ukaz of 1879 gave the governors the right to report secretly on the qualifications of candidates for the office of justice of the peace. On the 28th of March 1888 the negus indeed descended from the Abyssinian high plateau in the direction of Saati, but finding the Italian position too strong to be carried by assault, temporized and opened negotiations for peace. Change the voice She is teasing the horse. At peace in a sentence. The settlement of Fort St George or Madras, captured by force of arms, had only recently been restored in accordance with a clause of the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle. I have no planet, half an army, no food or water for my people, and I must broker a peace deal. On his return the Athenians sued for peace, though without success, and a speech by Pericles had little effect on their spirits. In 1828-1829 he fought under Wittgenstein against the Turks, won an action at Aidos, and signed the treaty of peace at Adrianople. YouTube's contribution to world peace is not simply to add empathy to current events, although that would be enough. The terms of the treaty of peace signed at Zurich on the 10th of November were practically identical with those of the preT liminaries of Villafranca. Stop your fight with food and make peace with it. "I can use all the peace the good Lord can offer," Dean answered, as toast popped up in a puff of smoke. Leave me here in peace. I part with you in peace. He awkwardly makes peace with Les in a bar, and Les shows tentative support for Michael's attraction to Julie. 1) In time of peace prepare for war. She strained to move, regretting she couldn't have one small moment of peace. But however much they left her in peace she could not now be at peace, and immediately felt this. You can put your mind at peace because your bag is safe and secure with me. "A peace deal depends on two parties, not one," A'Ran reminded him. The Long Parliament had ordered a strict observance of Sunday, punished swearing severely, and made adultery a capital crime; Cromwell issued further ordinances against duelling, swearing, racemeetings and cock-fights - the last as tending to the disturbance of the public peace and the encouragement of "dissolute practices to the dishonour of God.". If you want peace, prepare for war. If you dont make peace with your past your peace of mind in the future will be beyond your control. He brought about the peace with France and marriage between Mary Tudor and Louis XII. Patience is the root of all power and peace. The journey of Calixtus to Rome early in 1120 was a triumphal march. Kris knew the opposite to be true but said nothing, enjoying the moment of peace. He quotes pages from Mansel's Bampton Lectures in favour of his own type of agnosticism, which is to make peace between religion and science by permanently silencing the former. - Tootsie. Right now, there's nothing we can do. Major Nerazzini was then despatched as special envoy to the negus to arrange terms of peace. Jonathan was summoned to Antioch, made his peace and apparently relinquished his attempt in return for the addition of three Samaritan districts to his territory. To the mass of the people the restoration of the old governments undoubtedly brought a sense of relief, for the terrible drain in men and money caused by Napoleon's wars had caused much discontent, whereas now there was a prospect of peace and rest. With his disappointment at the discovery of his immortal home no longer standing, he also felt a sense of peace that had eluded him. The two countries were at peace. You are faced by one of two things," and the skin over his left temple puckered, "either you will not reach your regiment before peace is concluded, or you will share defeat and disgrace with Kutuzov's whole army.". The privileges confirmed to the Lombard cities by the peace of Constance were extended to Tuscany, where Florence, having War of ruined Fiesole, had begun her career of freedom and clues prosperity. It is remarkable that though the Jews live in relative peace with Asiatics, the great majority of them prefer Europe as a residence. He strongly promoted the League of Nations in the early part of that year; he attended the International Socialist Conference at Berne; and in Dec. 1920 he paid an informal visit to Ireland in the hope of promoting peace. The island remained a Spanish province until the War of the Spanish Succession, when in 1708 Cagliari capitulated to an English fleet, and the island became Austrian; the status quo was confirmed by the peace of Utrecht in 1713. A fifth had fallen in a lost battle, and only one had died in peace in his own house. These were removed by Napoleon to Paris, but restored to their original positions after the peace of 1815. The Norman power in Sicily was founded on a strong distinction between the ruling people and the many nations which they kept in peace and prosperity by not throwing in their lot with any one among them. While the peace between the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years' War lasted, Howe held commands at home and on the west coast of Africa. The same year peace was concluded with Mithradates on condition that he should be put back to the position he held before the war; but, as he raised objections, he had in the end to content himself with being simply a vassal of Rome. Another emissary rode to the Russian line to announce the peace negotiations and to offer the Russian army the three days' truce. Gandhiji believed in peace. Evelyn knew she didn't deserve to feel at peace after the mess she dragged Kiera into, but she did feel it, and it made her genuinely content for the first time since she'd kidnapped her best friend. Reverting to jeans and T-shirt for working was an obvious change, but the change inside gave her a peace she had forgotten existed. Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for campaigning against apartheid. Whether or not Jonny would ever know that same sense of peace, there was always a chance he could. I've come to peace with some things and am working towards peace on others. 5. It is the seat of a justice of the peace, and is the electoral unit for the general council and the district council. During the interval between these peaces, Matthias, in self-defence, again made war on the emperor, reducing Frederick to such extremities that he was glad to accept peace on any terms. The revolt was brought under subsidence and peace restored. 5) In moderating, not satisfying, desires, lies peace. The moderate men on both sides opposed this action and strove for peace or an amicable separation, but in vain. Leave me in peace, his looks seemed to say. Ten days earlier, namely on the 4th of June, Massna had been compelled by hunger to capitulate at Genoa; but the success at Marengo, followed up by that of Macdonald in north Italy, and Moreat~ at Hohenlinden (December 2, 1800), brought the emperor Francis to sue for peace which was finally concluded -. The rebels had hoped for assistance from Urquiza, but the powerful governor of Entre Rios maintained the peace in his province, which under his firm and beneficent rule had greatly prospered, and the revolutionary movement was quickly subdued. I shall not be at peace till you promise me this. Example sentences for "peace" in popular movie and book plots. Read more… This could risk destabilising the peace process. was forced to cede Shirvan and Kurdistan in 1611; the united armies of the Turks and Tatars were completely defeated near Sultanieh in 1618, and Abbas made peace on very favourable terms; and on the Turks renewing the war, Bagdad fell into his hands after a year's siege in 1623. Harmony in personal relations. Apprehending the importance of Italian federation, Lorenzo, by his personal tact and prudent leadership of the republic, secured peace and a common intelligence between the five powers. at the same time it has taken a position of the greatest importance in connexion with naval strategy and communication between ships and ships and the shore in time of peace. The German diet was indifferent, and in May 1493 he agreed to the peace of Senlis and regained Artois and Franche-Comte. The English, under Sir Thomas Graham, afterwards Lord Lynedoch, in March 1814 made an attempt to take it by a coup de main, but were driven back with great loss by the French, who surrendered the place, however, by the treaty of peace in the following May. A chain of 1,000 cranes can also symbolize world peace. Is there no peace in this house? In 1186 at Woodstock William married Ermengarde de Beaumont, a cousin of Henry II., and peace with England being assured three years later, he turned his arms against the turbulent chiefs in the outlying parts of his kingdom. Lana typed a message to Mr. Tim, telling him she was leaving and heading to the Peace Command Center, which was the first center beyond the Mississippi River. Bush tells another bald-faced whopper, claims he has laid the 'foundation of peace '! ; at his death the kingdom was to revert to the Angevins (this clause was inserted chiefly to save Charles's face), and his children would receive compensation elsewhere. There was a stillness on the tree-lined lanes that whispered peace. In the, 4th century Aix, now a free city of the Holy Roman Empire, played a conspicuous part, especially in the league which, between 1351 and 1387, kept the peace between the Meuse and the Rhine. The book of Judges with its " monotonous tempo - religious declension, oppression, repentance, peace," to which Wellhausen 4 refers as its ever-recurring cycle, makes us familiar with these alternating phases of action and reaction. He was subsequently a delegate to the Peace Congress in 1861, and was a loyal supporter of President Lincoln's war policy. Aided by France they defeated the German troops, and the peace of Basel in September 1499 recognized them as virtually independent of the empire. Farewell, Julia Child, I commend you to the place of happy memories for my generation, Rest In Peace. Her early years were clouded by the execution of the duc de Montmorency, her mother's only brother, for intriguing against Richelieu in 1631, and that of her mother's cousin the comte de Montmorency-Boutteville for duelling in 1635; but her parents made their peace with Richelieu, and being introduced into society in 1635 she soon became one of the stars of the Hotel Rambouillet, at that time the centre of all that was learned, witty and gay in France. At the end of May the pope, in an allocution to the cardinals, had spoken of Italy in terms of unusual cordiality, and had expressed a wish for peace. The maturing of the treaty of peace took a considerable time, and Henderson was again active in the negotiations, first at Ripon (October 1st) and afterwards in London. Antiochus required peace in Jerusalem and probably regarded Onias as the representative of the pro-Egyptian faction, the allies of his enemy. Already, in the negotiations with England during the summer of 1806, the emperor had shown his sense of the extreme importance of gaining possession of that island, which indeed caused the breakdown of the peace proposals then being considered; and now he ordered French squadrons into the Mediterranean in order to secure Corfu and Sicily. I'd sleep a bit and then again go and kiss the relics, and there was such peace all around, such blessedness, that one don't want to come out, even into the light of heaven again. (3) In offering the bread and wine the offerer offered, as in the ancient sacrifices, primarily for himself, but inasmuch as the offering was regarded as having a general propitiatory value he mentioned also the names of others in whom he was interested, and especially the departed, that they might rest in peace. 2012-01-20 07:50:50. In peace they are useless. Public opinion is ever more in the peace camp because the vast majority of the economy doesn't benefit financially in times of war. appointed him one of the ambassadors who made peace with the Empire and drew up the Concordat of Worms (1122), and in the following year, with his later enemy Cardinal Peter Pierleoni, he was papal legate in France. CK 309436 Her mind is at peace. Times, Sunday Times (2016) This will give you peace of mind if anything goes wrong before your trip. The Nobel Peace laureate is one of the most respected global personalities. 4. Ultimately the Marcomanni, the fiercest of the tribes that inhabited the country between Illyria and the sources of the Danube, sued for peace in 168. It did sound as if the Dawkins boys' temporary peace had come to an end, but Dean paid little heed to the raised voices. Change the voice The gardener is plucking the flowers. Change the narration ” I will go on the top,” said the lady. After a dilatory war of three years he concluded a peace on the ground of free commercial relations, and then he attacked the Livonian Order, on the pretext that the Livonian town of Dorpat had not paid tribute according to ancient treaties. Glancing around the room, she searched for that feeling of peace. After this marriage Philip broke the peace of Europe by invading Sardinia. Here too was signed (December 24, 1814) the treaty of peace between Great Britain and the United States of America. The disastrous American War for a time interfered with the national prosperity; but with the return of peace in 1783 the cultivation of the country made more rapid progress. When you take one positive step during your problems, you will find peace in it. The idea of waking up to him each morning reminded her of how centered, energized and at peace she'd been after their first night together. She makes whatever she wants out of them. 1. We will live together in peace and harmony. Jeremiah had admonished his exiled brothers: " Seek ye the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the Lord for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace " (Jer. Deidre sounded accepting of her decision, but Katie couldn't help wondering how long it had taken her to come to peace with sacrificing love for the demands of her job. Dierdirien will arrive soon and can help us remove any king unwilling to accept peace. There are civil, commercial and criminal courts in Montevideo, a departmental court in each departmental capital, and a justice of the peace in each of 205 judicial districts into which the republic is divided, with sub-district courts under deputy judges in addition. He came of a good family; his father was in the commission of the peace and his mother was a sister of Sir John Popham, successively attorney-general and lord chief justice. Assigned to Territorial Militia and excused peace service.. What I am saying is that as more factors align toward peace, peace becomes ever more the better economic option. The sense of peace and calm at his core returned as her energy flowed through him. For a few years Sicily enjoyed peace, and the kingdom was reorganized. We all pray to God to grant peace to his great departed soul. The peace concluded at Kuchuk-Kainarji was not of long duration. The Parthian king was apparently granted peace on his submission. Was the Peace Command Center also at risk? So now the big top comes down and rest in peace, Michael Jackson. 11 12 13. it was arranged that Cerealis and Civilis should meet on a broken bridge over the Nabalia (Yssel) to discuss terms of peace. I feel at peace and settled. Several members, including Qatwal, may be willing to aid you in regaining your planet after you've reached a peace treaty. Then the empress grew impatient and compelled him (1791) to return to Jassy to conduct the peace negotiations as chief Russian plenipotentiary. If you wish for peace, be prepared for war. "Talk about insanity breaking out if anyone knew …" "I was going to take them to the Peace Command Center," she said. I have made peace with my boss by clarifying all the misunderstandings. New provisions were introduced for the preservation of the peace - unlawful castles were to be destroyed - while others were directed towards making the administration of justice by the visiting justices less burdensome. By the time Norman Borlaug passed away in 2009 at the age of ninety-five, he had become one of only six people to have won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal. As an immediate result of this catastrophe, Florence shook off the Medici, and established a republic. Make peace with your past so that your present is not ruined. How to use peace in a sentence. The peace of Arras with France (March 1483) freed him to deal with the discords in the Netherland provinces, and more especially with the turbulent opposition in the Flemish cities. The Prime Minister attended the World Peace Conference. abolished the election of justices of the peace, except in certain large towns and some outlying parts of the empire, and greatly restricted the right of trial by jury. Peace was made with King Edmund by the capture of King Anlaf, and a good deal later by the confirmation of King Raegenald, brother to Anlaf Godfreyson and cousin to Anlaf Sihtricson. By the final arrangement made between the contending princes, Matthias recognized Ladislaus as king of Bohemia proper in return for the surrender of Moravia, Silesia and Upper and Lower Lusatia, hitherto component parts of the Czech monarchy, till he should have redeemed them for 400,000 florins. She always experienced a sense of peace around the souls. 6. Let him, whoever has the millions, keep it and leave us peons in peace. ‘The centre offers a place of peace and hope for those who are on the road to recovery.’ ‘A way of life beckons that promises peace in a beautiful place, where the weather is kind, wine plentiful, and food exquisite.’ ‘We offer peace and quiet, no resident children, structured control and security.’ See Answer. There was one place in the mega-mansion where she found peace: the gym. Change the narration His daughter said, ” Leave my father alone.”, Change the narration He said, ” Is he out of danger?”, Change the narration The child said, ” I want those ballons.”, Change the narration He said, ” How charming the man is!”. asking him in the name of religion and peace to accept Italian protection instead of the temporal power, to which the pope replied that he Italian would only yield to force. The noun piece refers to a portion or a part of a whole. In reply to Lauriston's proposal of peace, he said: There can be no peace, for such is the people's will. 4) If you want peace, prepare for war. "He's at peace now," General Greene responded. again tried to make his peace with the court in January 1792, but he was so insulted that he was not encouraged to sacrifice himself for the sake of the king and queen, who persisted in remembering all old enmities in their time of trouble. Your people will never heal without peace. The Peace of Villafranca made this impossible. In 1074 he went to Normandy and made peace with William. After awakening feeling at peace, he was close to pulling a Rhyn and decimating the world around him in an explosion of raw fury. Of course, politics being what it is, the Peace Dividend was spent a dozen times over by as many special interests who felt they were the most deserving of such an unexpected largess. Nervousness, destroys peace and concentration. After the peace of Antalcidas (387), to which he refused to agree, the Athenians withdrew their support, since by its terms they recognized the lordship of Persia over Cyprus. A peace treaty with the Danes was signed at Wedmore and the Danish king Guthrum the Old was baptised at Aller. There are 26 justices of peace, to whose decision are referred slight contraventions of the law (lrraLQµara) and civil causes in which the amount claimed is below 600 francs. By the peace of Zapoli (January 15th, 1582) he surrendered Livonia with Polotsk to Bathory, and by the truce of Ilyusa he at the same time abandoned Ingria to the Swedes. 1826), who immediately made peace with Prussia and joined the North German Confederation, his land becoming a member of the new German empire in 1871. A British alliance would have been preferable, but the British government was too much concerned with the preservation of European peace. The peace negotiations after the dragged on for several months, involving two changes of ministry, and DAzeglio became premier. Her hands were by her sides, turned out, as if offering benediction for what she had done, as if to say, peace at last. A country can progress only during peace time. Short & Simple Example Sentence For In Peace. For the first time in his life, he felt a deep sense of peace at his core. Sentence Examples. The white colour in the Tiranga represents honesty, peace and purity. 7 6 5 ff., is a mixture of Greek traditions with a few oriental elements; here the first king is Medos (the Median empire); his nameless son is succeeded by Cyrus, a blessed ruler, beloved by the gods, who gave peace to all his friends and conquered Lydia, Phrygia, Ionia. In moderating, not satisfying, desires, lies peace. May God grant peace to the departed soul ! At the same time, although he attended the Paris conference of 1856, he purposely abstained from affixing his signature to the treaty of peace after that of Count Orlov, Russia's chief representative. Over this Land I ruled in peace for many years, until I grew old and longed to see my native city once again. Ricasoli wished to go on with the war, rather than accept Venetia as a gift from France; but the king and La Marmora saw that peace must be made, as the whole Austrian. The judiciary is composed of a supreme court of seven members, a court of chancery, a county court in each county, a probate court in each probate district, and justices of the peace. 3. John then asked the barons for a charter that they on their part would keep the peace. After this short ministry he represented his country with dignity and effect at the Hague peace congress, and in 1903 was nominated a member of the permanent court of arbitration. "I desire peace, no less than the Emperor Alexander," he began. Something about him touched her on a level that left her feeling at peace, as if he, too, understood what it was to face death each day and struggle to see the light instead of the surrounding darkness. says that as soon as peace is made all foreign mercenaries are to be banished. Definitely incorporated with this country in 1853, it experienced another change of fortune after the short war of 1864 between Denmark on the one side and Prussia and Austria on the other, as by the peace of Vienna (30th of October 1864) it was ceded with Schleswig and Holstein to the two German powers. But the campaign of 1685 was a series of disasters, and when he sought help from the Turks at Nagyvarad they seized and sent him in chains to Belgrade, possibly because of his previous negotiations with Leopold, whereupon most of his followers made their peace with the emperor. The boroughs of Derby, Chesterfield and Glossop have separate commissions of the peace, and that of Derby has also a separate court of quarter sessions. But much as he hated to do so, it was time to eat the proverbial crow and make peace. Its three main objects, the peace of Christendom, the crusade and the reform of the church, could be secured only by general agreement among the powers, and Leo or the council failed to secure such agreement. "Let's just eat in peace and talk later," Martha said. Nevertheless he died in peace. In the negotiations for peace the inordinate pretensions of the Muscovite prince were put forward boldly: he not only refused to restore Smolensk, but claimed Kiev and a number of other towns on the ground that in the old time of the independent principalities they had belonged to descendants of Rurik. in a sentence. Leave me in peace, his looks seemed to say. After the conclusion of the peace with Brazil, the Unitarians placed themselves under the leadership of General Juan de Lavalle, the victor of Ituzaingo.

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