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However, this doesn’t mean that there are no requirements at all. Hope this helps. So legally its not changed but I … THE COST OF A LAS VEGAS MARRIAGE LICENSE. After you are married, you will need this document to change your name and for every other major purpose. Secretary of State Capital … Hazel Age:26. But despite pop culture depicting Sin City as the place to go for quickie marriages, there are still a few legal requirements that must be met before your Vegas wedding dream becomes a reality.. I made this quick and basic video on how to get married in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is stunning from the night skies and provides a fabulous backdrop for your night flight wedding in Vegas. As far as name changing goes, I just added it. This is not your normal wedding, you won't be walking down the aisle but if you are looking for something different this may just be for you. July 15, 2016. Good luck on your beautiful journey. They are truly an attorney group that cares for those going through hard times. Simply put, this is the main document you need. The gambling-filled revelry that’s generally associated with Your Las Vegas marriage is valid in all states including Connecticut. It sounds like it is, so your married in Nevada and in California, and all other states. If you’re thinking about eschewing the traditional wedding ceremony for an elopement complete with an Elvis impersonator, here’s what you need to know about Las Vegas wedding requirements. Services include Professional Photography, Video Services, Floral,Music and more ...We are here for you! In fact, close to 100,000 couples flock to Sin City to tie the knot each year. But for now, it will only cost you $77. Vegas is well-known for its ability to carry out a wedding without a hitch (except for those getting hitched, of course). Las Vegas weddings are quick, cheap and easy. Your little black book. It's hard to find an attorney that cares, let alone a whole law firm. For most of us, the story of going to Las Vegas for a vacation, bachelor or bachelorette party, or even just a work-related event, and ending up married after a wild night of drinking is just a silly movie plot. I'm getting married in Las Vegas. The rules for non USA resident adults getting married in Las Vegas are the same. Hopefully this information is useful to you. We're getting married in IA, but live in MO. To be sure that your big day goes as planned, it's best to get this legal requirement done at least 30 days before your wedding date.Unlike other states, Nevada actually gives you a full year to get married after getting the license. A legal marriage in another state is legal in all other states. Here's a general legal overview of how to get married in Las Vegas: Get a marriage license. We've prepared several traditional Las Vegas wedding packages to suit your needs. I would recommend Las Vegas Defense Group to all of my friends in family. Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in Nevada. Now, I am unsure of the legalities of marriages in Las Vegas and how that applies to California law. Here we will tell you some important requirements to be taken into consideration when planning to legally get married in Las Vegas. Whether you are planning a Las Vegas wedding or getting married somewhere else in Nevada, you need to get a marriage license. BlueJacketsFan31, When you get married at any chapel or any event in Vegas, before they marry you, you have to obtain a marriage application form from the Clark County Courthouse located downtown..I heard its open 24 hours a day. Certified Las Vegas Marriage Certificate. As the premier wedding chapel in Las Vegas, we offer affordable wedding packages that eliminate much of the stress of planning! Whether you want a traditional wedding, or you are after something wild, like being married by Elvis himself, or saying “I do” on a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas can truly serve up anything you can imagine!. Getting married in Las Vegas is both easy and inexpensive, so it should come as no surprise that this mecca for excess and kitsch has become the Marriage Capital of the World. I do know that whatever state you marry in is the state you would have to seek a divorce too. Your sanity. Generally, you must file for divorce in the state you live in and usually in the county where you live. I am pretty darn sure that a marriage in most states are legal in any other state too, otherwise any couple married in one state who move to another state would have to remarry in order for it to be legal. You get your license in the state you get married in. That doesn’t mean you need to go back to Nevada to obtain a divorce though, in almost every instance people can get divorced in the state where they currently reside – not in the state where they got married (if they are different). Legal Requirements for Las Vegas Weddings. The most important things to know for planning a wedding in Vegas. In addition, there are many wedding chapels in Vegas that provide everything from the bride’s bouquet to the officiant to the required witness for one low fee. As fun as it all sounds, getting married abroad may feel rather scary. Getting married in Las Vegas is one of the most stunning and memorable days of your life and Lucky Little Chapel is here to help you plan your special day with the best Vegas wedding packages around! Is there a legal issue about the law that governs that marriage? In the long run, getting married may cost you lots of things: Your independence. However, for a select group, this silly story becomes a very serious reality. That's for the Las Vegas marriage license. I live in California. It is required by the DMV, Social Security, INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service) adoption services. The vows are just as meaningful, and your special day will be just as unforgettable. They also have different windows of time that you have to get your license and still have it be valid on your wedding day. Travelers from all walks of life enjoy this marvelous state for its nature vibes in the mountain areas as well as its 24/7 party atmosphere in Las Vegas and Reno. - Answered by a verified Lawyer A marriage license costs about $50 and can be obtained without a blood test and with no waiting period. Frequently asked questions at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. If you're looking for an attorney that cares, look no further! From its wide, open plains to the majestic Sierra mountains, Nevada is a true desert gem. Some countries want a certified copy of the marriage certificate and an Apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State to finalize the marriage in your country. Get married at our beautiful Chapel or Pool Deck Gazebo. If you’re not into the typical traditional wedding thing, who wouldn’t want the fun and quirky excitement of getting married by Elvis in Las Vegas? As long as the proper paperwork was filed. Getting married in Vegas is much easier than any other place as you don’t need to blood tests, waiting period or hassle. But different states have different requirements as if you have to get it in the county you get married in or not. Amy A. LAS VEGAS BEST WEDDING CHAPEL Las Vegas is the number one wedding destination in the world. Some county offices, such as Las Vegas and Hawaii, accept only cash, so always make sure to keep some on hand. Las Vegas is a popular wedding destination. Elvis Wedding Package in Las Vegas, NV. Once you fill out all the paperwork and get the signature from the authorized person to marry you, you have to take it back to be filed by the County Clerk. If you get married in a state that you don't live in, your married in another state as well. Important: Everybody will need this document!

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